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Dental Implants

Forget Bridges or Dentures – Get Dental Implants Instead!

Bridges and dentures have both been around for at least several decades. In fact, dentures are known to have existed for at least a couple of hundred years! While they do work, it goes without saying that there is plenty of room for improvement over such old devices.

Dental implants are the solution that provides the improvement. They are fairly modern, and they eliminate the complaints that people have about both bridges and dentures.

One of the main benefits is that implants don't need to be fussed with once they are completed. They are attached to permanently-implanted posts, and are brushed just like real teeth. This implantation also gives them a natural feel. When you bite down, you'll feel pressure in your jaw through the post, much like you'd feel it through a real tooth.

Dental implants also allow you to retain the proper density in your jaw bone. Medically speaking, one of the biggest problems with the old-fashioned tooth replacement methods is that they allow the jaw to deteriorate over time. This deterioration happens because the bone relies on pressure-based stimulation to stay strong. With bridges and dentures, the bone does not get enough pressure, so it starts to break down. Implants, via their posts, send pressure to the bone much like real tooth roots do. This keeps the bone strong and healthy.

Finally, implants are topped with the same types of crowns used on real teeth. This makes them very tough.

Once an implant is complete, you don't need any unusual dental services to keep them healthy. Routine cleaning, both at home and at regularly-scheduled dental appointments, is typically all that's needed.

For dental implants or other dental services, just call Radiant Dental Care in Chevy Chase, MD.

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